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hp_girls_100's Journal

100 Fics for the Ladies of Harry Potter
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Welcome to hp_girls_100, a low-key, low-stress writing community dedicated to the women in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.

As with so many similar writing challenge communities (such as the ubiquitous fanfic100 and all its thousands of offshoots), all you have to do here is claim a character and write 100 fics about her.

Does 100 fics seem like a lot to write about one character?  Well... yeah, it is, but think: you don't have to write all the pieces about her in the same relationships, so you can write a hundred different pairings.  And you don't even have to have all of them be from her perspective, so long as she is a major player in each of them.  

You may write het, femmeslash, threesomes/moresomes, gen - anything, so long as it centres on a female character. All ratings and content are allowed, just be sure to warn properly!

All lengths are also allowed - if you can write 100 novels, awesome, and if you want to write 100 stories of three words each, go for it! Please put all stories beneath LJ cuts or as links to your journal/website/tumblr/wherever the fic is.

What if someone has already claimed the character you want to write about?  No problem!  Double, triple, quadruple and so forth claims are allowed - the list is more for me to keep track of people than anything else...

There are no due dates or restrictions on cross-posting.  Just have fun!

Questions?  Ask them here.

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